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New from NALDIC

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nqcover13 (Original size)new gif NALDIC Quarterly Volume 13 Number 1 (Online)
Edited by Frank Monaghan

ISSN 1751-2190
64 pages

The theme of this edition of NALDIC Quarterly is Reading English as an Additional Language. The articles look at reading from a range of perspectives and phases, from phonics to critical literacies and from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the secondary English subject classroom. This rich edition includes inspiring examples of good practice across the age ranges.

Subscribers please note the revised numbering system. This edition follows NALDIC Quarterly 10.1.


Guest Editorial - Frank Monaghan
View from the Chair - Amy Thompson What makes reading difficult for EAL students? Marilyn Abbott
The Politics of phonics: implications for bilingual learners - Viv Edwards
Critical literacies: language, meaning and power - Yvonne Foley
A feast of stories - Dan Lea
Reading from the English as a subject perspective - Louise Northey
Using story to encourage EAL learners in the Early Years - Shiv Quinlan
Reading across the curriculum: developing the reading skills of advanced bilingual learners - Manny Vazquez
EAL News

NQ10 jpg

new gif NALDIC Quarterly Volume 10 Number 1 (Online)
Edited by Angela Creese
ISSN 1751-2190

44 pages
Autumn 2012

The theme of this edition of NALDIC Quarterly is multilingual teaching and learning. The articles take the reader into multilingual classrooms in Birmingham, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tilburg where they look at the multilingual practices and identities of young people and their teachers in a range of primary, secondary and complementary schools. This fascinating edition includes many examples of good practice but more importantly presents the complexities of everyday classroom life, of teacher identities with their own variegated histories, stories of successes and stories of struggles.


Guest Editorial - Angela Creese
Investigating Discourses of Inheritance and Identities in Four Multilingual European Settings - Adrian Blackledge
When he opened the door tagna på bar gärning: Translanguaging as a resource in English language subject classes in a bilingual Sweden Finnish school in Sweden - Anu Muhonen
Multilingual practices in a Panjabi complementary school in Birmingham - Jaspreet Kaur Takhi, Angela Creese, Adrian Blackledge
Translanguaging as pedagogy for language learning in a bilingual school - Carla Jonsson
Contestation as pedagogy in the complementary classroom - Jinling Li, Kasper Juffermans, Sjaak Kroon, Jan Blommaert
Authority relations: The mono-cultural educational agenda and classrooms characterized by diversity - Martha Sif Karrebæk
Teaching a Language in Transformation: Chinese in Globalisation - Jinling Li, Kasper Juffermans, Sjaak Kroon, Jan Blommaert
Book Review - Vicky Obied

op26 cover
new image
Language and Identity in Multicultural Settings: (Online)
Occasional Paper 26
Alison Hatt and Tözün Issa
ISBN 978-1-902189-05-5
26 pages
This paper reports a study on how young children’s linguistic and cultural experiences are acknowledged and embedded in practice throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage. It explores how children from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds are supported through a range of pedagogical practices in an Early Years Centre and in two linked Reception classes.

cover b8
new image
English as an Additional Language: Approaches to teaching linguistic minority students
Edited by Constant Leung and Angela Creese
ISBN 978-1-84787-532-7
129 pages
This book provides an invaluable and accessible resource for working with EAL learners. It brings together the international experiences and expertise of a team of distinguished language educators who explore a range of teaching approaches and provide professionally-grounded practical advice.

This book will be of use to individual teachers who want to extend their knowledge and practice, and also as a set text for professional development programmes.

'This book represents the outcome of long-term national and international collaboration. The different contributions embody many important principles. As such this book speaks powerfully to all who aspire to create learning opportunities for students in multilingual classrooms.'

Viv Edwards, Director, National Centre for Language and Literacy, University of Reading

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