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Our Chairs' comments on the EAL issues of the day

Our chair comments of the EAL issues of the day in the View from the Chair column in our NALDIC Quarterly.

student reading

January 2013 Amy Thompson discusses the EAL issues of the day
Summer 2012 Amy Thompson highlights problems in current attitudes to EAL
Spring 2012 Amy Thompson discusses the current situation in EAL
Winter 2011 Amy Thompson discusses NALDIC's present and future role
Summer 2011 Amy Thompson discusses EAL specialism
Spring 2011 Amy Thompson discusses changes in EAL funding
Winter 2010 Amy Thompson explores the rapidly changing EAL situation
Summer 2010 Nicola Davies discusses the implications for EAL of the election
Spring 2010 Nicola Davies discusses EAL and equality
Winter 2009 Nicola Davies critiques current EAL policy
Summer 2009 Nicola Davies on the marketisation of education and EAL
Spring 2009 Nicola Davies reviews the latest White Paper
Winter 2008 Nicola Davies on the need for EAL specialists
Summer 2008 Nicola Davies on EAL and inspection
Spring 2008 Nicola Davies discusses EAL and technology
Winter 2007 Nicola Davies discusses EAL funding
Summer 2007 Steve Cooke on EAL speaking and listening
Spring 2007 Steve Cooke discusses expertise in EAL teaching
Winter 2006 Steve Cooke asks whether there is a future for EAL expertise
Winter 2005 Ian Jones and Steve Cooke look at EAL past and future
Summer 2005 Ian Jones talks about EAL professionalism
Winter 2004 Ian Jones on the EMA funding settlement
Summer 2004 Ian Jones outlines the latest EAL initatives
Winter 2003 Ian Jones critiques the EMA strategy and funding
Summer 2003 Ian Jones considers EAL conferences and consultations
Spring 2003 Ian Jones discusses 'Aiming High' initiative
Winter 2002 Ian Jones discusses EAL teacher professionalism
Summer 2002 Ian Jones outlines distribution of EAL funding
Spring 2002 Ian Jones reviews EAL over the past 10 years

Should EAL teaching be available to all EAL learners who need it?

Should EAL teaching be available to all EAL learners who need it, regardless of location or type of school?
This poll closed on 15/10/2012
Bar Graph: 98%Bar Graph: 98%Bar Graph: 98%
Bar Graph: 2%Bar Graph: 2%Bar Graph: 2%