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Conference reports

NALDIC has been hosting successful EAL conferences, events and training for more than 20 years. More information about some of our events, trainings and annual conferences are featured here.

Annual Conference 21: EAL for a New Curriculum

Saturday November 16, 2013, King's College, London

The 21st Annual NALDIC Conference brought together a wide range of speakers from across the UK and Ireland to discuss the opportunities and challenges the revised National Curriculum offers for EAL.

There were presentations from, amongst others,

Simon Gibbons, former Chair of NATE: NALDIC 21 Simon Gibbons

Constant Leung, King's College, London: NALDIC 21 Constant Leung

David Little, Trinity College, Dublin: NALDIC 21 David Little

Jonathan Brentnall: Aberystwyth University: NALDIC 21 Jonathan Brentnall

Jean Conteh, Leeds University: NALDIC 21 Jean Conteh

Steve Cooke: NALDIC 21 Steve Cooke

Astrid Gouwy and Chris Pim: NALDIC 21 Astrid Gouwy and Chris Pim

Manny Vazquez: NALDIC 21 Manny Vazquez

John Waggott: NALDIC 21 John Waggott

Please click on the hyperlinks to download PDF versions of the slides from their presentations.

Annual Conference 20 Reading English as an Additional Language
Saturday 17th November 2012, University of Reading
The 20th Annual NALDIC Conference was co-hosted with our partners, the National Centre for Language and Literacy at the University of Reading and explored the topic of reading and bilingual learners.

Watch Professor Viv Edwards talk about the politics of phonics.

Annual Conference 19 EAL and Additional Needs
Saturday 26th November 2011 University of Leeds
The 19th national NALDIC EAL conference, organised in collaboration with the University of Leeds, looked at the issues of EAL and additional needs. It focussed on principles of inclusion and examined how teachers of EAL and bilingual pupils in schools can respond to a range of additional needs.

Watch Dr Sean Pert talk about developing speech and language therapy in a multilingual setting.

Annual Conference 18 - Language Education for a Changing World: the European Dimension
Saturday 13th November 2010 Kings College London
NALDIC and Kings College London organised a joint conference to celebrate the launch of an EU-wideComenius funded project. NALDIC made an active contribution to this project which developed the concept of ‘Inclusive Academic Language Teaching’ for bilingual pupils and launched core curriculum modules for teacher education. The conference explored these concepts and showcased practical examples of work around initial teacher education for diversity and content/language integration. Hans-Joachim Roth and Constant Leung were the keynote speakers.

NALDIC Annual Conference 17 - Integrated Language, Integrated Curriculum
Saturday 14th November 2009 University of Reading
This conference considered first/second language development opportunities and practice within the integrated curriculum, meshing together strands related to English language development and development of languages other than English. The keynote speakers were Ofelia Garcia, Maggie Hawkins and Heather Lotherington.

NALDIC Annual Conference 16 - EAL: More than just good practice
Saturday November 22, 2008 The Institute of Education, London
The conference considered the ways in which EAL is a distinctive area of professional expertise. The keynote speakers were Pauline Gibbons and Candace Harper.

NALDIC Annual Conference 15 - A pedagogy for diversity
Saturday November 17, 2007 , Coventry University
This conference considered teaching and pedagogy which ensure high expectations and full entitlement for EAL learners. The keynote speakers were Ronald Carter and Constant Leung.

New to ITE, New to EAL, New Standards
Saturday October 13, 2007 Coventry,
A conference co-hosted between NALDIC and Multiverse for newcomers to teaching in Higher Education. The morning focussed on supporting students for their placements in schools and the afternoon on addressing EAL in HE-based courses. Sessions included: Maggie Gravelle New realities in schools and the new standards; Carrie Cable – Applying principles to practice for student teachers in primary schools; Constant Leung – Applying principles to practice for student teachers in secondary schools; Raymonde Sneddon – Introducing online resources; and Kimberly Safford and Nicola Davies: Using digital video in initial teacher education.

NALDIC Regional event - Welcoming learners for whom English is an Additional language
Friday 22nd June 2007 Durham
A NALDIC regional conference for teachers and other staff working with newly arrived isolated learners of EAL. Workshops and speakers included: Helen Abji: Teaching Isolated Bilingual Learners; Claire Bennett, 'Why I hate school' - Perspectives and responses from KS3/4 newly-arrived pupils with EAL; Stuart Scott – How collaborative classrooms support new arrivals; Dawn Lama – Using Clicker to support bilingual pupils in primary schools; Sara Weightman, Ideas and Resources for newly-arrived pupils with EAL in the Early Years; Dawn Lama – Using ICT to support isolated learners in secondary schools and Fiona Ranson – Are you a language-friendly school?

NALDIC Regional event - New to working with isolated bilingual learners?
Friday, 4 May, 2007 Cambridge Professional Development Centre, Cambridge
A NALDIC regional event for teachers and other staff new to working with isolated newly arrived bilingual learner, jointly hosted with Cambridge LA. Steve Cooke presented the keynote address followed by a choice of workshops: Sofia Ali - New Arrivals Excellence Project; Dawn Lama – Using ICT to support EAL learners; Nene Infant School – Holistic approaches for new arrivals; Stuart Scott – Supporting isolated bilingual learners through collaborative learning; and Cilel Smith – Using Induction, Inclusion and Assessment Packs.

NALDIC Annual Conference 14 Advocacy: Entitlement Inclusion and Expectations
Saturday November 11th 2006 The Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London
NALDIC's 14th Annual Conference featured Professor Joe Lo Bianco from the University of Melbourne as the keynote speaker “Dilemmas and promises of difference, equality and language education”. The conference included perspectives on the education of pupils learning English as an additional language from around the British Isles.

NALDIC Practitioner Conference Language in and through the curriculum
29th June 2006 Denewood Centre, Nottingham
A conference for practitioners who want to make learning work for newly arrived and continuing EAL learners was held by NALDIC and the Collaborative Learning Project. An increasing number of learners who are new to English are arriving in schools in all parts of the country. These learners need a school that is welcoming, and teaching that is ‘language conscious’. This conference provided practical support to schools encountering EAL learners for the first time. Keynote speakers were Robin Richardson - INSTED and Angela Creese - University of Birmingham Workshops included Sue Sheppy, Helen Perfect and Irene Wilkinson, Yvonne Wilkin and Liz Haslam, Steve Cooke and Stuart Scott and Amanda Gay. The Collaborative Learning Project hosts a conference page at http://www.collaborativelearning.org/conference.html

NALDIC Annual Conference 13 Beyond the Individual: EAL in social contexts
Saturday November 19th 2005 University of Warwick
This conference investigated socio-culutural aspects of EAL teaching. The key note speaker was Margaret Hawkins, Director, ESL and Bilingual Programs, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Seminar speakers included Adrian Blackledge, University of Birmingham, Caroline Coffin, Open University,Angela Creese, University of Birmingham and Peter Martin, University of East London, Roxy Harris, Kings College London, and Christine Helot, University of Strasbourg Full details of seminars and workshops

NALDIC Seminar The role of Bilingualism in Education
July 16th-17th 2005 Reading University
While recent government documents have included more references to bilingualism and even some statements of aspirations, there is a lack of clarity about what should constitute a bilingual pedagogy, what this would mean for bilingual staff and what this would look like in practice. This seminar developed and defined our position on the role of bilingualism in the teaching and learning of bilingual pupils and students in our schools.

NALDIC Seminar Isolated Learners
March 18th-20th 2005 Warwick University
NALDIC hosted an invitational seminar to consider the particular needs of EAL professionals working with isolated learners.

NALDIC Seminar ITE February 5th 2005 Imperial College, London
For new lecturers who want to find out more about English as an Additional Language. This event was part of NALDIC's initiative to help new ITE staff develop and share understandings about preparing their students for teaching EAL learners in UK schools.

NALDIC Annual Conference 12 - Talking it Through: Speaking, listening and learning English as an additional language
November 20th 2004 SOAS, London
NALDIC hosted a major conference on talk and English as an additional language. The keynote speaker was Professor Merrill Swain, from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Merrill Swain is a major contributor to the field of second language acquisition and her current research focuses on the role of collaborative dialogue in second language learning.

NALDIC Summer Conference 2004 - Not just how but why: EAL and ICT in the multilingual classroom
May 22nd 2004 Ealing CLC London
NALDIC hosted a conference for members on ICT practice which supports EAL and bilingual pupils in their distinctive situation. NALDIC welcomed Dr Rupert Wegerif from the Faculty of Education at the Open University as our keynote speaker. The choice of workshop sessions illustrated the potential of newer technologies to support the education of EAL learners. more

NALDIC Invitational Seminar - Assessing children's knowledge and use of their first language
January 20th 2004 University of Luton
NALDIC hosted an invitational members workshop on assessing children's knowledge and use of their first language for educational purposes to identify examples and principles of good practice in the school-based and external assessment of children's knowledge and use of their first language for educational purposes.

NALDIC Annual Conference 11 Building a Framework for Success: Developing Practice and Principles in EAL Teaching November 8th 2003 UMIST, Manchester
This conference addressed some of the key issues in the current UK situation through a combination of seminars, demonstrations and workshops. The keynote speaker was Deborah Short from the Centre for Applied Linguistics in Washington

NALDIC Summer Conference 2003 Bilingual Education and UK schools: Rethinking Perspectives
June 14th 2003 SOAS London
NALDIC held a summer conference in London on June 14th 2003. The theme of the conference was Bilingual Education and UK schools: Rethinking Perspectives. Professor Stephen Krashen spoke convincingly concerning the positive impact of bilingual education on pupils' performance in English and their first language in his keynote address The Two Goals of Bilingual Education and Why They Are Both Important. Viv Edwards noted that whilst Welsh, Gaelic and Irish medium education has been officially endorsed, there has been little Government support for bilingual education programmes in schools in answer to her question Is life really too short to learn German? In a lively plenary debate Mohammed Abdelrazak, Stephen Krashen, Terry Lamb, Amy Thompson and Dr Raymonde Sneddon and participants considered a range of issues and made recommendations which NALDIC will be taking to the DfES

NALDIC Conference 10 Developing EAL Perspectives: NALDIC's Next 10 Years
November 23rd 2002 London
NALDIC held its 10th Annual Conference in London on November 23rd 2002. The theme of the conference was EAL in the UK context: Looking forward, Looking outward. The keynote speaker was Dr Chris Davison from the University of Hong Kong who spoke about Partnership in teaching English as an additional language: Looking forward, looking outward

Joint NALDIC / NUT Conference Reasserting Professionalism: developing an agenda for teachers working for minority ethnic pupil achievement
October 7th 2002 Hamilton House, London
A second conference jointly organised by NALDIC and the NUT was held at the NUT headquarters in London on 7 October 2002. The theme was Reasserting Professionalism: developing an agenda for teachers working for minority ethnic pupil achievement.

NALDIC Conference 9 EAL in context: Pedagogy, Learner identity and Race Equality
November 17th 2001 University of Birmingham
NALDIC held its 9th Annual Conference on November 17th 2001 at the University of Birmingham. The theme of the conference was EAL in context: Pedagogy, learner identity and race equality. The keynote speaker was Professor Jim Cummins from the University of Toronto.

What am I doing here? The role of Teacher and Pupil Identity in Developing English Academic Proficiency Professor Jim Cummins
Seminar Reports

Joint University of Bristol/NALDIC Conference Exploring Diversity in Assessment: Challenges for English as an additional language
September 28th 2001 University of Bristol
The University of Bristol and NALDIC held a joint conference on assessment in collaboration with MGSS and BEMAS. The conference took place on Friday 28th September 2001

NALDIC and the University of Bristol held a joint conference on Exploring Diversity in Assessment: challenges for English as an additional language. The full report of the conference proceedings was published in NALDIC News December 2001.Assessment plays a key role in the professional practice of teachers who work with learners of EAL. It surfaces in many guises in relation to different purposes for assessment and different approaches adopted for the monitoring of learners' language development and achievement. The conference aimed to provide the opportunity both to recognise achievements in the assessment of learners with EAL as well as to identify and chart the challenges for the future. It will draw on teacher initiated developments as well as knowledge about assessment and insights gained through ongoing research - at Bristol University and at Kings College, London.

There were many themes encompassed within assessment. Examples included:

  • formative assessment
  • summative assessment
  • baseline assessment
  • learner profiles
  • first language assessment
  • assessment in relation to policy
  • cross curricular assessment for EAL

NALDIC Conference 8 Advancing EAL learning: Theory into Practice
November 28th 2000 SOAS, London
The theme of the conference was Advancing EAL learning: theory into practice. The keynote speakers were Pauline Gibbons and Berhard Mohan
Teaching as Mediation: Scaffolding second language learning through classroom interactions Pauline Gibbons
Some insights from the Vancouver Project on Language and Content Integrations Bernard Mohan
Seminar Reports

A selection of our influential keynote speeches and presentations from past events